News: Jason Butler's New Band, The Fever, Played Their First Show...At A Donut Shop!

Photos and Video By:  Gene Ramirez

Forty-eight hours after announcing his next step in music, Jason Butler (ex-letlive.) and his new project, The Fever, played their first show in a donut shop in Inglewood, CA.  The Fever consists of Butler on vocals, Stephen "Stevis" Harrison (ex-The Chariot) on guitar and Aric Improta (Night Verses) on drums.  Hours before start time The Fever posted this flier on Instagram:

Fans were welcomed warmly at Randy's Donuts in Inglewood with donuts courtesy of John 'Feldy' Feldmann (producer, guitarist of Goldfinger).  Evidently the shop owner was completely unaware about the band's plans to set up a mobile stage in their parking lot.  As a thank you and in exchange for the owners not calling the cops, the band purchased over "$300" worth of donuts and gave them out as people showed up.  

Drums were placed and set up in the back of a U-Haul truck, where as all remaining gear was placed outside the truck.  At exactly 2pm sharp, Jason grabbed the mic and  opened up about growing up in Inglewood, how gentrification is a large problem in that community and expressed he doesn't want to see his people be pushed out from where they're from; letting everyone know what this "movement" is about.  Immediately after, the trio started up with Butler taking charge on top of the parked U-Haul and in true Jason Butler fashion, he jumped right off with no holding back!  

After the first song Jason addressed everyone in attendance toughing it out in the hot Summer California weather:

"Understand this is a mindful event.  We did this on July 4th for a reason.  Please be free, please let go and do whatever the fuck it is you need to do to feel something."

One guitar, drums and one wild vocalist creates a sound perfectly fitting for who these members are and where they originate from by bringing in the similar style from letlive. and The Chariot.  The guys played a 15 minute set entailing 3 songs including the one we captured below and left the future of The Fever unanswered as to what is next for the three.

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