Sunday Spotlight: A Hero To Fall Came Back For A Good Reason

Written and Interviewed By:  Alleen Hughes


From beautiful Santa Rosa, CA, A Hero To Fall fell into our laps, or rather our ears, via Bandcamp.  Releasing two songs last month, their music made their mark on us by slapping us in the face with heavy vocals evenly mixed with clean parts, chest thumping bass riffs, smooth percussions and innovative guitar takeovers.  We see this four piece definitely making some big moves and hopefully pairing up with labels such as Sharptone Records, Tragic Hero Records, or even Sumerian Records as they are a great fit for all of those listed above.

Alleen:  Who are the members of A Hero To Fall and what is their role in the band?

Dustin:  Thanks for having us! A Hero To Fall is from Santa Rosa, California. We are

Dustin Moore- Harsh Vocals
Andrew Gonzales- Guitar/Singing
John Benitez- Drums
Matthew Wells- Guitar/Singing
We are currently looking for a permanent bassist. 


A.  How would you describe your band’s musical genre?

D.  Those two things influence each other on a weekly basis. I guess the base, easy answer is Metalcore. Architects, Parkway Drive (KWAS and Horizons), The Devil Wears Prada, and August Burns Red. However, we as individuals strive to both be inspired and to inspire. I listen to a lot of other music that inspires me as a vocalist: Bands like My Epic who use clean guitar tones in ways I've never heard before, matched with lyrics that can only be described as poetry. Stylistically, my screams sound like a combination of the above mentioned bands, Matt has a heavy guitar tone similar to Wage War, Andrew's guitar tone reminds me of PWD, and John's drum style is heavily influenced by Stick to Your Guns and Pop-Punk. 


A:  You guys went on a break back in 2016, what was the reason behind the hiatus?  Were there any other projects from the members during the break?  What was it that made you want to start up again as A Hero To Fall?


D:  Although I wasn't a part of the band when this happened, the old AHTF group went on a short tour through the Western quarter of the United States. During which, the band was involved in a car accident and lost a few thousand dollars worth of gear, as well as their trailer. After that, the guys just needed some time to rebuild, recoup their lives, and build into other places in life. One of the original guitarists is off working as a teacher for Special needs students, and is doing an amazing job at it as well. The bassist started his own band called Sloth and Turtle- a three piece instrumental band that are absurdly talented! Seriously- check them out.  

I got together a couple of times with Andrew and John just for jam sessions a few months back, to see if maybe we could start a new band, but really we just wanted to play music, and we came to the conclusion that rebooting AHTF was our best option. So I brought Matt out and the four of us just clicked. We started writing music, and it's been great so far!


A:  I saw you have a plan to put together a full length by next Summer, do you currently have more music ready to record or is that still in progress as well?

D:  We currently have 2 "old" AHTF songs that we have been playing live because some of the local crowd know the songs, and two "new" AHTF songs that were recorded by the current band. But it's funny, when I listen to the two new songs, Painting the Roses Red and Left for Dead, I see them as an interlude. They are just a taste of the direction the band is going. In fact, they were mostly written (guitar and synth/piano) by Andrew during the hiatus, when he was under the impression that he would be playing guitar and screaming when the band got back together- so the songs are actually intentionally less technical than they could have been. But since we rebooted- Matt and Andrew just let loose! We have two more songs that are finished and ready to record, and another three or four in the works. By next summer, if we keep writing like we have been, we will have a full-length record released!


A:  Whats coming up in the next few months for you guys?  Any shows? 

D:  Shows! As many as we can play! That and writing and practicing. Live we want to be as tight as possible.


A:  What would you say your special qualities are as a band that you feel makes your music stand out in your genre?

D:  First off- I don't want music to be a competition. Our local scene is awesome. I want each and every local band around me to write killer music, earn fans, and put on memorable shows time after time.

With that said, locally, I feel like we are filling a missing gap of having that solid local metalcore band that people can get behind. On a bigger scale, our work ethics individually are pushing us to write the best music that we are capable of. We aren't afraid to take our time with our music, have melody, harmony, and ambiance in the midst of, well for lack of a better word, heavy. If the two new songs we released say anything, I think it shouts that we will stop at nothing short of high quality!


Check out the band's two current singles now, "Left For Dead" and "Painting The Roses Red" below:


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