Sunday Spotlight: Bedroom Talk Are More Than Just Pillow Talk


Hailing from the great white north, Cody and Tyler are the two masterminds and talent behind one of Canada's most emotionally fueled bands mixing pop punk with a splash of emo garnished with some sweet melodic hardcore.  Bedroom Talk stood out to us for their raspy vocals, lyrics and the fact that they can grab our attention repeatedly with just two members.  With two solid tracks under their name, these guys have the potential and drive it takes to get their music out there and known.  If you're a fan of The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Trophy Eyes and The Hotelier, then Bedroom Talk is for you.  Get to know them a little bit more below and give them a follow, a share and some love!

Alleen:  Who are the members of Bedroom Talk and what is their role in the band?
Bedroom Talk:  Bedroom Talk is a two piece project, Newest member Cody Muraro on vocals/lyrics (heard in 'Grinding Teeth') and Tyler Zanon, instrumentalist, vocalist/ lyricist.
A:  How would you describe your musical genre?
BT:  Emo/ Pop Punk/ Melodic Hardcore? We don't know ahah! We have a lot of different elements that come into play when we write songs. Keeps the tunes fresh and less bland and let's us stand out a bit, rather than just being a standard "Pop Punk" or "Emo" band? We don't like to limit ourselves on what we can write. Would rather just make material that naturally comes to us and we're proud of and if people like it then sweet, If not, that's totally cool too!
A:  Who are your most influential bands for Bedroom Talk’s music?
Tyler: I for sure have a lot! But the biggest influences music wise for me are bands like Senses Fail, The Starting Line, Less Than Jake, Polar Bear Club, Bayside, The Wonder Years.
Cody: It's a pretty solid mix of the music I grew up on and what i've most recently been getting into. Everything from The Used and Underoath to A Will Away and Citizen.
A:  You currently have two singles out, “Grinding Teeth” and “Blooms,” what sort of feedback have you guys gotten on the two tracks?
BT:  We think the feedback has gone relatively well! We've had quite a few people message the band personally being super stoked on what we're doing, tell us that the songs have hit super close to home for them and can't wait for more material. So that's a huge accomplishment in my eyes for Bedroom Talk for sure. Very humbling to hear that! 
A:  I saw you were back in the studio, what are you currently working on?
BT:  Yeah! We're slowly starting to write more. Have about two new songs almost complete, and about 4 older songs (Tyler) has had written in the past that we want to bring back for the future EP. So we're for sure going to put something out this year most likely.
A:  Who thought of the album art? And what is the meaning behind it, if any?
BT:  Honestly, not really. We've just seen drawings of having flowers sprout out of a persons head before, and I thought it would just kind of tie in with 'Blooms'. Our friend Lauren Carr did a hell of a job on the artwork, so shout out to her once again! But hey, if you can find your own meaning in the art work, then that's super rad too!
A:  What is the most “pop punk” thing about your band?
Tyler: ahaha! Oh boy. Ummm... I like to think that mainly the instrumentals are what bring in the most 'Pop Punk' elements.
Cody: There may be a bit more punk before pop going on but what may make us more on the pop side would be some of the vocal melodies and cleaner vocal sections. Some of the guitar progressions and the pace of the songs may add a pop element. We both really like pizza. I've heard that's 'pop punk'
A:  Since we’re on the topic of “pop punk,” the inventor of the controversial “pineapple on pizza” just died a few days ago in your country, what is your opinion on pineapple on pizza?  Is it better with Canadian bacon?
Tyler: I can't stand pineapple pizza. Gotta say, I'm not a massive fan of Canadian Bacon either...
Cody: Pineapple is tight. Pizza is tight. Pineapple pizza = still tight. RIP pineapple pizza guy.
A:  Give me a final impression of who Bedroom Talk is and why our viewers should take our advice on checking out your music?
BT:  If you like honest music, lyrics that can be quite relatable to some and tunes that have some heavy, catchy, fast and poppy moments, then Bedroom Talk is for you. I think that's my final Impression to try and leave on! 

Grinding Teeth:


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