Sunday Spotlight: The Carolinas Offer A Breath Of Fresh Air With Life In Motion

Written and Interviewed By:  Alleen Hughes


You never know what your going to stumble across on sponsored posts on Facebook.  Life In Motion played it smart by putting out their music everywhere and easy to access for people to see and find on social media.  An ambient/alternative/rock 5-piece from Raleigh, North Carolina, Life In Motion is one of those bands that every member beautifully complements each other’s sound and talent with one another.  Having formed less than 6 months ago, each member has a strong background in music that gives them the ability and opportunity to excel above others after the same thing they are.  Vocalist Robby Ziccardi set aside some time for me the other day and let me know all about Life In Motion and how Jason Clifford (guitar), Damian Hasbun (guitar), Bryan Long (bass), Alex de Lyon (drums) and himself formed “the breath of fresh air that music has been waiting for” (Life In Motion, Facebook).

Alleen:  How would you describe your genre?
Robby:  You could say ambient rock. We use a lot of drone like guitar tones to really shape our sound creating that dreamy aspect to the overall piece or song.  It adds to that emotional pull that you can feel in our songs. Everything is melodically sound and vibrant.
A: Who would say are some of your band's musical inspirations?  For instance, when you write, which artists come to mind that influence the writing process?
R:   I would say you can hear some Saosin or Circa Survive influence in there for sure. With a mix between that and Emarosa and BMTH.  We definitely have our own sound. It's pretty cool because we all listen to literally everything. I've always loved Chino from Deftones, Daryl from Glassjaw and Head Automatica those guys are the best and a couple of the vocalists I have a lot of love and respect for.
A:  How did Life In Motion come about?
R:  I had spoken with Bryan over the years about getting together and writing on a few different occasions because I knew he was talented and had a natural knack for anything musically and like myself just wanted to be a part of something worthwhile and make it work. I always liked his dedication to what he was doing and the projects him and I were previously involved in fell through and we decided to link up and put our minds together to write something that would change people's thoughts about music in the scene right now. Come out and fight for something with a purpose because we both would be nothing without music. It's our true passion. It's what makes us tick. It's what makes us get kicked and the same thing that makes us get back up again . We breathe our music.  Damian, Jason and I had met up and just jammed and talked on a few occasions before I got up with Bryan and I knew we had the line up that would take us to where we all only dreamed of going if we put our all into it. We posted about trying out drummers and had a really good response as several people reached out to us. At the end of the day it could only be one and someone with the experience and dedication and heart to put into this so there was no better match than Alex. Guy loves to play to a click and is just what we needed. Very talented guy. Jason had experience playing and touring with his previous band that had been on Rise Records. He played bass for American Me. Damian was always on some next level tech guitar stuff so once that's all put together we had created the perfect balance and the the perfect sound for exactly what we wanted. I love these guys.
A:  When you guys started Life In Motion, what was your message that you wanted to get across with your name as well as your music?
R:  We want to push people to live their dreams. This is your life. It doesn't have to just be a dream. Own it. Nothing is ever too far from your reach. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Always believe in yourself because at the end of the day , you are all you have. Love, peace and equality.
A:  Do you currently have more music recorded other than “Alive” and “Memory?” Any plans for an EP?
R:  Yes we're actually finishing up the EP over the next couple months so be looking and listening out for that late Summer.  Planning to tour and do an actual album release as well.
A:   Hopefully you make it out to CA!
R:  Of course we are definitely trying to do the national thing!  There's already a lot of listeners kind of scattered all about so it's looking good.
A:  Any current shows booked at the moment?
R:  We do not. We've had a few offers but want to start playing out right before the release of the EP if not have an EP release show.
A:  Lastly, why should our viewers check out Life In Motion?  Other than your music is amazing!
R:  There are a lot of good things that are to come as long as we stay focused. Our music will always keep you on your toes because we are all writers with different musical backgrounds , upbringings and tastings. We don't always sound the same so it'll never get boring. There are a lot of experimental aspects to what we are working on so you won't ever get use to just one style or genre with us. We love what we do and it surely shows through our music as a whole. It's gonna be an amazing ride. Join us.

Life In Motion has a strong bond that together creates an even stronger drive to get their message out there.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this incredibly talented band that is ready to make everyone feel “alive.”

Check out their video below for their latest single “Alive” and make sure you pick it up on iTunes HERE.

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