Concert Review: Bayside & Say Anything - The Palladium - Worcester, MA (05/12/17)


Friday night May 12th at the Palladium brought out Worcester’s finest in desperate search of nostalgia. The place was packed with a crowd proudly sporting their best 2006 scene apparel, spattered here and there with both Bayside and Say Anything merch from well over a decade of touring. It was safe to say most of this crowd have seen these bands before and were anxiously awaiting the chance to sing a long with their favorite songs like back when you got one of those tape-cassette aux cord adapters; that FINALLY let you introduce your friends to the latest Kazaa offerings. 


Bayside faced with the daunting task of showcasing new songs to a crowd that only wants to hear the old songs, took a leaf from Say Anything’s set and safely built the backbone of their setlist with 2005’s self-titled album “Bayside” and rather than omit their later records like Say Anything, they expertly slipped in another 6 tracks off of 4 releases ranging from 2011-2016. In honor of Billy Joel’s birthday they even pulled out a cover from their 2012 covers album; “Movin’ Out” which was met with raving approval particularly from around the bar. No matter which album they were pulling from one thing was for sure, this band has established their own brand of sound.  Anthony Raneri conducted the crowd through an hour plus of sing alongs, stepping away from the mic often to let the crowd take control of the song. Jack O’Shea’s lead guitar was the second most sung-along-to part of the set with his distinctive and powerful leads following up almost every chorus. Chris Guglielmo kept the room in unison from his perch at the very back of the stage, while Nick Ghanbarian on bass worked the crowd and definitely gets the award for most on stage fist pumping for the night. Of course in typical Bayside fashion they ended their set as is tradition with “Devotion and Desire” to the loudest sing a long of the night. They didn’t even bother waiting to see if they’d be called back for an encore, and rolled right into the walk out music as the whole crowd slowly and begrudgingly came to terms with the fact that, yeah, that was the appropriate song to end the night on.

Setlist (not in exact order):

They Looked Like Strong Hands

Already Gone

Sick, Sick, Sick

They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns

Big Cheese


Two Letters

The Walking Wounded

Blame It On Bad Luck


Don’t Call Me Peanut

Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)


I and I


Hello Shitty

Devotion and Desire

Say Anything (Equal Vision Records):

Say Anything to wild screaming takes the stage for the first time in a while not directly supporting an a new release. Armed with this freedom they decided to leave out their latest two albums completely. While touching upon most everything else, I’m sure afraid for their own safety from their fans if they didn’t, relied heavily upon 2004’s “…Is a Real Boy” Max Bemis supported by both members new and old delivered to the audience catchy hook after catchy chorus slowly building towards peak nostalgia when with their closer, and long time anthem, “Alive With The Glory Of Love” everyone in the room, forgot Snapchat existed, dropped their almost empty beer cans and raised their middle fingers triumphantly. “Hell no, no!”


Do Better

Shiksa (Girlfriend)


Slowly, Through A Vector

Hate Everyone

Peace Out

Night’s Song

Everyman Has A Molly

Spider Song

Alive With The Glory Of Love



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