Album Review: Currents - "The Place I Feel Safest"

Written By:  Alleen Hughes

Album Release Date:  June 16, 2017

Reaching out for that top spot for heaviest album of 2017, Connecticut metalcore/djent band Currents didn’t quite grasp the number one spot but they definitely have staked their claim in my top 10 best albums thus far for this year.  Announcing their signing to Sharptone Records earlier this year, “The Place I Feel Is Safest” is Currents" debut, full-length album, following two previous EPs with their former vocalist.  To say they nailed the debut would be an understatement.  

Knocking your neck back with a heavy hitting intro, “Apnea” foreshadows the magnitude of the remaining twelve songs to follow.  An immediate flow into the next track, “Tremor” has a creepy vibe in the instrumentals that triggers this name on your lips: Korn.  Its with these first few songs where it becomes known that guitarists Chris and Ryan are a solid duo when it comes to their chord structure.  Taking an influence from After The Burial, the two hypnotize you even more as the album progresses and listeners are introduced to their craft in “Withered.”

The most recent addition to the band back in 2015, Vocalist Brian productively showcases hispowerful role in the band with this debut album.  Brian manifests his vocal abilities best in “Forget Me,” where he hits those higher notes that you wouldn’t expect when hearing how deep his phlegmy screams all in the same track such as "The Place I Feel Safest."  The only off part to a vocally solid album is when Brian lowers down to a monotone spoken voice in a few songs that can have the possibility of sounding off when translating from recording to live.  From beginning to end, Brian’s lyrics are shadowy and somber and give true insight to his everyday internal battles and struggles with his own demons.  The band left the vocals up to him for this album and the result gives fans something they can relate to on a personal level.  

An all around upbeat feeling comes from “The Place I Feel Safest” thanks to the contributions from leads and drums accompanied by fuzzy bass riffs.  But don’t be fooled, this album feels happy on the surface but once you peel back the many layers, this LP is filled with angst and hurt and that is something we all enjoy about a metalcore album.  The process that got Currents here was a lengthy and bumpy one but the rewards to come after June 16th will make the time and energy beneficial.  Seeing eye to eye with their fans on this record and mastering their precise sound, listeners will finish off the last second of the final song, pull out their phones and start searching because they will want to know, “Are they coming through my town soon?”


Track Listing:

1.  Apnea

2.  Tremor

3.  Night Terrors

4.  Delusion

5.  Withered

6.  Dreamer

7.  Forget Me

8.  The Place I Feel Safest

9.  Silence

10.  Best Memory

11.  Another Life

12.  I'm Not Waiting

13.  Shattered

Currents came through our area to Chain Reaction in Anaheim recently on "The Shadows Inside Tour" and some of our production team filmed their set for you guys!  Check it out below as well as their latest video just released today for "Withered."  Pick up "The Place I Feel Safest" everywhere June 16th via Sharptone Records.

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