Album Review: Greeley Estates - "Calling All The Hopeless" (EP)

Written By:  Alleen Hughes

Release Date:  June 27, 2017

Four years since their last album, Greeley Estates are back with a new self release EP.  The 15 year strong, with some member change, band have a lengthy discography with five full lengths and four EPs but not all were diamond pieces.  Fans seemed to tear apart the last few releases, especially vocalist Ryan Zimmerman’s change in approach.  His clean vocals didn’t take to listeners that well but have no fear, this new EP brings back what we love most about Greeley Estates but that really depends on the audience.

The piece to Greeley Estates that we will never forget is their ability to stand out with every track.  Stepping into the album, fans are welcomed with heavy bass and Zimmerman screaming his heart out with the title track.  Fans should put aside their expectations of Greeley Estates to come right out with a over the top heavy blow to your speakers because they saved that for the next song but “Calling All The Hopeless” still manages to be aggressive while still laying down a melodic tone.  Wild, chaotic and less metal then their previous releases, “Liminal Space” and “Kill For You” affirm that Greeley are trying to appeal more to a variety of fans and making their music for accessible to the masses by giving off a little sliver of dancecore here and there.  

The highlight of the album comes right where it is needed with “Saints and Sinners” offering catchier vocals and instrumentals that keep you interested for the remaining two songs.  The up beat instrumentals and rough vocals in “Vacancy” grasp your attention brilliantly, especially with Zimmerman’s screams that have the power to open your eyes and shake you to your core.  Closing out with clean precision, “Wide Awake” is the perfect ending to this return EP.  The energy is revisited throughout the remaining three minutes, drawing listeners to hit repeat and take you back to the beginning.

With the history of their last EP, I was a little skeptical to wether or not this veteran band could pull off a return and redeem themselves for the dark and repetitive sound that came from “Devil Son” but they have shown they are trying to put that behind them and demonstrate they still have something to show for themselves.  They have stepped away from their safety net sound and have produced an EP that suits them and the good reputation the name Greeley Estates have always gripped.  


Track Listing:

1.  Calling All The Hopeless

2.  Kill For You

3.  Liminal Space

4.  Saints and Sinners

5.  Vacancy

6.  Wide Awake

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