Concert Review: Till The End Tour - Deftones, Rise Against, Thrice and Frank Iero And The Patience - Chula Vista, CA (07/07/17)



Tour:  Till The End - Rise Against, Deftones, Thrice and Frank Iero and The Patience

Venue:  Mattress Firm Amphitheater in Chula Vista (San Diego County), CA

Date:  July 07, 2017

An iconic band with a lasting impression and impacting music.  Deftones name means something different to everyone, wether you instantly think “white pony” or only think of legendary frontman Chino Moreno, this band holds a reputation for consistent solid albums throughout the years, but does that sound you love transfer live?  A few friends of mine covered this same tour already and heard you’re either in for a fun and wild night or if Moreno is “tired” then you’ll get dull…well this 29 year strong band was awake, on fire and spot on.

The first band to take the stage that night was Frank Iero and The Patience.  A little history lesson for those of you who are not familiar with the name, Frank Iero is the former guitarist/backup vocalist for the late My Chemical Romance.  For being an opening act, they sure didn’t perform like one.  They took over the stage as if they ran that tour.  One of Southern California’s favorite home bands, Thrice, took the stage as the sun was setting around the mountains surrounding the 20k seating amphitheater.  Front man Dustin Kensrue’s vocals and guitar mastering put the crowd in the perfect state of mind and spirits for Deftones.  



At 8:15, the sun was now engulfed by the mountains and the lights went down. For about 45 seconds all you could see was the faint shadows of some of the most talented musicians in my era.  Starting up their 14 song setlist with that long note drag out for their heavy track “Head Up.”  Running back and forth from stage right to stage left, front to back, and up and down, Moreno wore a huge smile on his face all the while not missing a single lyric.  

Song selections were what I wanted out of a Deftones set.  Some highlights were “Diamond Eyes” and “Change (In The House Of Flies)” (see full setlist below).  But is there really a bad setlist even possible from Deftones?  The amount of arms in the air and voices echoing through the canyon was breathtaking and surreal; no wonder Chino wore that smile.  But it wasn’t just Chino smiling and enjoying the view, guitarist Stephen “Stef” Carpenter can be seen on occasion grining through his long wild hair flailing with each strum.  Each member of this band is so engaging with their fans on stage and always encourage crowd participation, which makes the experience all more enjoyable.


With this being a co-headlining tour, Rise Against closed out the night and that same energy that Deftones received just kept coming.  Rise Against have a huge following as well with their strong political approach and new album released “Wolves” released last month, it was hard to tell which fans where more there for Rise Against or Deftones or ecstatic that they are on the same tour together and with a sturdy support from Thrice and Frank Iero and The Patience.

Deftones make it very evident why they can draw in such a large crowd wherever they go, even after 29 years together.  They love and appreciate every single fan and Chino always makes it a point to get on that barricade and sing and hug those lucky enough to make it up that close.  They exceeded my expectations of this night with a well constructed setlist, a beautiful stage production and of course enjoying a nice cold Phantom Bride IPA by the one and only, Deftones.


1.  Head Up

2.  My Own Summer (Shove It)

3.  Elite

4.  Digital Bath

5.  Swerve City

6.  Diamond Eyes

7.  Phantom Bride

8.  Knife Party

9.  Change (In The House Of Flies)

10.  Back To School (Mini Maggit)

11.  Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)

12.  Rocket Skates

13.  Rosemary

14.  Teething

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