CONCERT REVIEW: Underoath - The American Nightmare Tour (04/06/17)


Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath and Beartooth.  The American Nightmare Tour.  Shrine in LA.  That is what was on 6,000+ minds all day on April 6th in Southern California.  Originally scheduled to take place indoors of Shrine Auditorium, the show was moved to the larger outside space to accommodate more fans dying to see this insane tour package.  As much as I am a fan of all three bands on this lineup, seeing Underoath’s name on any flier will always be my reason for attending.  Upon arriving to the venue, 2 hours prior to start time, I was in no way surprised to see thousands wrapped around the building anxiously waiting to get in.  

Per scheduled time, Beartooth came out while the sun was setting on a much anticipated day and led into the “bright” night.  Caleb’s high energy, consistent jumps around the stage, and crowd participation gave reason to why they are on this bill to begin with.  With what felt like the longest 20 minute break between Beartooth and Underoath, the sold out, outdoor area was now almost full and people began shouting “Oath” as soon as the banner appeared.

As the lights went down, the crowd light right up.  Underoath is one of those monumental bands that helped create a whole new genre for their time and shaped many artists sound today.  It’s because of that and the foundation they made in this industry is what gave me goosebumps watching them come out on stage and start in with ‘Everyone Looks So Good From Here’ off their 2006 album “Define The Great Line.”  Perfect beginning to a memorable set for the Florida band, traveling through Los Angeles.  With zero pause between songs, everyone immediately knew what was to follow as soon as they heard the mechanical film reel sound over the speakers.  Playing it as well as they did years ago upon its original release, ‘In Regards To Myself’ is what keeps the fans heart rates up and excitement levels rising.

With a favorite like ‘It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,’ crowd participation was the loudest I’ve ever heard at any show to date.  It’s die hard fans like the ones I could hear screaming every lyric is what brought Underoath back.  Before starting into my favorite of the night, ‘A Boy Brushed Red… Living In Black And White,’ Spencer took a second to look around and say “There is a lot of humans out there,” all with a big smile of appreciation.  Coming closer to the end of their set, Aaron showed he still has it with ‘Breathing In A New Mentality.’

The remainder of their set was exactly what was expected of Underoath given their high reputation.  With a very illuminated stage production, ability to play harder live now than in their recordings from years back, and a stage liveliness that makes you smile from ear to ear, Underoath will have no problems keeping everyone coming back for more, should they choose to keep it going again.  

Forever Underoath.


1. Everyone Looks So Good From Here

2.  In Regards To Myself

3.  It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

4.  A Moment Suspended In Time

5.  A Boy Brushed Red… Living In Black And White

6.  Breathing In A New Mentality

7.  Emergency Broadcast:  The End Is Near

8.  Illuminator

9.  The Could Be Nothing After This

10.  Reinventing Your Exit

11.  Writing On The Walls

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