CONCERT REVIEW: Rozwell Kid - The Glass House Pomona, CA (03/13/17)


Recordings can only show so much.  Yes, this band is amazing on their studio work but the live sound that comes from Rozwell Kid makes their albums only show 50% of what they are truly capable of.  I got the pleasure to see the fun spirited foursome for the first time at one of my favorite venues, The Glass House in Pomona, CA.  Monday night shows are a hit or miss when it comes to bringing in a good crowd amount.  About 15 minutes before the band opened up the show is when people started making their way into the venue and gave Rozwell Kid a good amount of people to play for.

Starting their set out with ’Sick Jackets’ off their 2014 album “Too Shabby,” which in my opinion is probably one of the top three tracks of that LP.   What a perfect choice to begin with.  With powerful guitar solos from lead guitarist Adam Meisterhans, this caught the attention of those at the bar in the back to come forward and take a chance on the indie/alternative band from West Virginia.  

With less than 5 seconds in between, the guys tastefully started into the next song on their set list, ‘Kangaroo Pocket’, and there is where the band started showing their real stage presence; dorky, energetic and electric.  This is one of those songs that can reference back to me stating that this band shows more of themselves instrumentally on stage compared to what we normally hear on a recorded track.  Both guitarists improvise beautifully together giving the crowd more than what they expected.  This same improvisation came when smoothly transitioning to their next song, ‘Weirdo’ followed by the more bass heavier favorite, ‘Armadillo.’

Vocalist/guitarist, Jordan Hudkins, took a minute to greet the crowd and make sure they were still ready for the remaining half of their set.  This was the band’s first time playing at The Glass House and the community welcomed them with open arms.  Making sure they still had the crowd’s attention, Jordan brought in some crowd participation chants including phrases such as “self expression,” “creative arts,” and “we need more art in public schools.”  Giving that quick minute to include the crowd, Jordan kept the energy going with his funny personality that just seems to show naturally on stage, especially when speaking of their fun loving song ‘Baby’s First Sideburns.’

The next song played caught my attention as soon as they started it up and that is because it was NEW!!!!!  The song immediately shines on bass player, Devin Donnelly, with a deep feeling intro.  Keeping to their original sound, the melodies show a growth from their 2015 EP but also staying true to their clever and goofy written lyrics.  Take for example this line from this newest song “And all I want, is to be at home with you.  Eating tacos and watching UHF on DVD.”  And if you weren't an 80’s/90's baby then let me give you a little tiny info on what UHF is…a cheesyB movie from 1989 starring “Weird Al” Yancovic.  That about sums it up.  Go watch it, just so you can say you have.  

Finishing out their set with some of my personal favorites ‘Magic Eye,’ ‘Birthday Sombrero,’ and ‘Halloween 3.5.’  I now know what Rozwell Kid have a strong live performance reputation.   They made my first time seeing them a perfect one.  With that strong stage energy that each member thrives on with each other, this band has what is needed to give them a successful headlining tour in their future and with new music coming from them via SIdeOneDummy Records, I look forward to seeing their name come through this venue again with that achievement. 


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