CONCERT REVIEW: Lorna Shore - The Glass House Pomona, CA (04/02/17)


Traveling far from home, New Jersey heavy metal band Lorna Shore played their final night of a two month long tour in Pomona at The Glass House on April 2nd.  This tour began February 1st in Las Vegas, NV with Carnifex and Rings of Saturn as well as support on select dates from Despised Icon, She Must Burn, and Fallujah.  Ending out with a bang, this sold out night was filled with walls of death, circle pits, heavy breakdowns, and dark, deep screams.

Opening up the night, Lorna Shore came out as scheduled to a room already over 75% filled.  Starting with a straight heavy hit, ‘God Maker,’ was the best selection to create the perfect amount of energy for the fans and to get them more rowdy for ‘Denounce The Light’ which followed immediately after.  Onto an older track, the quartet asked for the obligatory wall of death during ‘Grimoire.’  

Continuing with full circle pits and head banging, the energy in the room only intensified with each breakdown.  Before finishing off their set, vocalist Tom Barber took a quick minute to say a few words in thanks for the rest of the bands on that current tour package.  Speaking on a genuine note, Barber stated “This is the last day of the tour, its been like sixty-something days.  I’ve gotten to hang out with probably some of the coolest people and bands I grew up listening to.  So this last song is dedicated to the tour package for being so fucking cool. They’re the coolest guys ever.”  And with that my favorite track, ‘Fvneral Moon,’ off the new album was the wrap up to their set, despite fans yelling for “one more song.”

Lorna Shore lived up to their reputation on this tour.  Being known as a band that puts a lot of work into their music on recordings, but they do the same on stage as well.  I would not have looked at this band during this set and thought this was the last night after two months on the road, playing in total 54 shows (Roughly 23 hours in total stage time).  They were just as heavy, entertaining and in sync as if it were day one.  Check out our quick recap video below.


1.  God Maker

2.  Denounce The Light

3.  Grimoire

4.  Flesh Coffin

5.  Fvneral Moon


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