CONCERT REVIEW: First Annual Las Rageous


What better weekend could you ask for than one filled with food trucks, beer, games, freak show performances all while your favorite bands play on two large stages.  And did we forget to mention it all took place in the best city of all…Las Vegas!  On April 21st and 22nd, the first ever ‘Las Rageous’ took place in wild and free Downtown Las Vegas, NV.  Once in a lifetime performances took place from bands such as We Gave It Hell and A Friend, A Foe, whereas bands such as Of Mice & Men took the stage for a memorable set as their first time playing as a 4-piece.  But every band left their mark on Vegas and on fans as well.

Day 1 was nothing short of a party.  The festival had consisted of 2 stages, a main and side stage.  There were no overlapping stage times so nobody would miss any of their favorite bands once it all began.  The night started out with local Las Vegas natives, A Friend, A Foe and We Gave It Hell as the sun was going down.  Both who showed exactly why they earned their time on those stages; warming up the crowds with heavy vocals paired with crispy and strong instrumentals.  

Playing the side stage that night, The Devil Wears Prada, Killswitch Engage and Anthrax packed the crowds in on a stage that was set up on a closed off road.  With the bands age groups ranging as did the fans. But no matter who they were mainly there for, everyone was having a good time to the good music this stage offered.  Festival goers seemed to really enjoy the garden like area between stages where food truck selections varied from a waffle truck to a stand selling bbq pulled chicken sandwiches but lets not forget that it all could go down smoothly with a large beer while they sit and listen to live music with their friends.

Main stage area is where we enjoyed the most.  A wide open space with a barricade splitting the crowd down the middle for equipment, more alcohol tents, and merch tables made the ambiance more vibrant.  Seeing Coheed and Cambria was a dream come true with Claudio’s magnificent guitar skills and captivating voice. Going from cool with Coheed, Godsmack heated up their set with shooting flames and fireworks that heightened the crowd’s excitement.  But the name on everyone’s tongue that night was Of Mice & Men. Playing their first show since their vocalist Austin Carlile left the band last year due to health related issues.  

As Day 1 came to an end, everyone left happy and ready for Day 2 in less than 24 hours.  As they did the day before, Code Red Riot and Nations, both local Las Vegas natives, opened up the night.  Bringing in almost 1/3 more of people than the night before, Las Rageous was the one and only place to be in Vegas that weekend.  From side to side and front to back, people filled in every gap for the side stage to see Escape The Fate, Eagles of Death Metal and Breaking Benjamin.  But it was bands All That Remains and Mastodon that made everyone’s hands go up and have the best time of their life on the main stage. Drawing the night to a close was Avenged Sevenfold who had people coming in when gates opened and grabbed their prime spot on the rail and wait over 5 hours just to see their favorite band play.  

Being the first year that ‘Las Rageous’ was held, we were not disappointed.   So the question is, will this become an annual thing for Downtown Las Vegas?  We sure hope so!  Not only for the fact that they had some of the best festival food, the cleanest portable full sized restrooms, and plenty of alcohol to go around but for the love of music and what it means to everyone.  With this, we thank you Las Rageous!

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CONCERT REVIEW: Rise Against "Give It All" At Troubadour (04/26/17)


In a 500 cap room packed from wall to wall, Rise Against unchained their inner ‘Wolves’ in an intimate night filled with love, appreciation, and humbleness for devoted Southern California fans.  Playing their third and final date on a trifecta of close knit shows taking place also in Chicago and Brooklynn a few days prior, Troubadour was the final cherry for a band that has no fear to “give it all” every time they hit the stage.  But this night was more than just a routine performance for RA, it was a chance to give back to fans and let them know they are the reason they keep continuing on.

Opening sounds came from Southern California natives Sharp Shock, with solid tunes created by a collision of American and British punk influences.  Free spirited and fun vocalist Davey Warsop got the night in motion creating a lively atmosphere with his fellow band mates.  As ten o’clock got closer, the crowd only grew louder.  Amidst hundreds of bands chanting “Rise Against,” over and over, the band proudly grabbed their instruments and dug in.  One song in and vocalist Tim McIlrath took a second to catch his breath and said “I can see how this night is gonna go.”  Statement was proven true with each song.

As much as fans were there to hear sing along to their favorites on the setlist such as “Survive” and “State of The Union”, most couldn’t wait to hear any and all things new from the band.  It’s been three years since their last album, “The Black Market” and this room was eager for fresh tracks.  Following the first five classics, the crowd was fortunate to hear the title track to “Wolves,” “Welcome To The Breakdown” and “The Violence” in pure raw form.   Keeping true to their early album roots, fast paced sound and influential lyrics, Rise Against definitely have a treat for us all this June.  

It had been eleven years since the foursome played the historic Troubadour and we can’t think of a place that was better fitting given their history with the venue back in 2006 when they sold out five back to back shows.  A 16 song/75 minute set filled with stage dives, shirtless crowd surfers, a CCR cover of “Fortunate Son” and mosh pits including a Troubadour security guard was the best way for these fans to spend their Wednesday night in West Hollywood.  Rise Against made sure before they left the stage that they concluded the night with hugs and handshakes of gratitude to as many fans as they could reach because thats just who they are, natural and genuine.

If you missed Rise Against on this date, then you can see them at any of the following dates and venues this Summer with Deftones and Thrice. And be sure to pick up RISE AGAINST's newest album "Wolves" coming June 9th via VIRGIN RECORDS.  PREORDERS are available now.


  1. Give It All
  2. Black Masks And Gasoline
  3. Satellite
  4. Architects
  5. Re-Education (Through Labor)
  6. Wolves (NEW)
  7. Welcome To The Breakdown (NEW)
  8. The Violence (NEW)
  9. State Of The Union
  10. Fortunate Son (CCR Cover)
  11. Everchanging
  12. Survive
  13. Prayer Of The Refugee
  14. Hero Of War (Acoustic)
  15. Blood-Red, White and Blue
  16. Savior



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CONCERT REVIEW: Basement - The Wiltern (04/11/17)


One of the most anticipated tours of 2017 came through The Wiltern in Los Angeles and being there to witness it was moving.  Thursday, Touche Amore, Basement and Wax Idols, all in one historic building for fans who have been waiting for this night for months. On the 11th night of this run on the 11th of April, UK based band Basement, became more known to the LA scene for those who had yet to hear their alternative/shoegaze sound.   Before hitting the stage, fellow tour support band, Wax Idols, awakened the room with Hether Fortune’s tough yet soft vocals.  A post-punk/goth-pop set was a great selection to preface this lineup.


Welcomed with cheers, hollers, and clapping, Basement took the stage and greeted everyone with two older favorites, ‘Whole’ and ‘Fading.’  With little to no time in between songs, the guys got the crowd on the general floor area off their feet with pure excitement while they played my personal favorite, ‘Aquasun’ off their most recent album “Promise Everything.”  It was with their song ‘For You The Moon’ where I really heard the more raw and heavier vocal presentation frontman Andrew Fisher offers live compared to in studio recording and the crowd ate it up.  

Providing proof to their reputation as a humbled and respectful band, mid set vocalist, Andrew, dedicated ‘Earl Grey’ to fellow tour mates, Wax Idols as well as giving thanks to Thursday and Touche Amore.  But the biggest shout out came to former tour friends of Basement, hardcore band Turnstile, who was in attendance while in town for “When We Were Young” Festival this past weekend. With the crowd moving and screaming every word and Turnstile’s bassist Franz Lyon (Freaky Franz) jumping and singing along side stage, the intensity on the floor only increased with the tempo of each song.  

Stamina is one key word I can use to describe a show from Basement.  The band plays almost continuously throughout their time on stage and use their set times to the full extent.  With long trips overseas to get here and touring year round, the band doesn’t let the wear and tear of tour reflect on them while playing.  Some bands tend to slow down toward the end of their set, but this wasn’t the case for Basement.  Playing 10 songs in 30 minutes only justifies my choice word, “stamina.”

Check out our video recap below and if you look closely you can see a cameo by Turnstile’s bassist Franz Lyon (Freaky Franz) side stage.



1.  Whole

2.  Fading

3.  Aquasun

4.  Spoiled

5.  For You The Moon

6.  Earl Grey

7.  Brother's Keeper

8.  Promise Everything

9.  Pine

10.  Covet

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CONCERT REVIEW: Underoath - The American Nightmare Tour (04/06/17)


Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath and Beartooth.  The American Nightmare Tour.  Shrine in LA.  That is what was on 6,000+ minds all day on April 6th in Southern California.  Originally scheduled to take place indoors of Shrine Auditorium, the show was moved to the larger outside space to accommodate more fans dying to see this insane tour package.  As much as I am a fan of all three bands on this lineup, seeing Underoath’s name on any flier will always be my reason for attending.  Upon arriving to the venue, 2 hours prior to start time, I was in no way surprised to see thousands wrapped around the building anxiously waiting to get in.  

Per scheduled time, Beartooth came out while the sun was setting on a much anticipated day and led into the “bright” night.  Caleb’s high energy, consistent jumps around the stage, and crowd participation gave reason to why they are on this bill to begin with.  With what felt like the longest 20 minute break between Beartooth and Underoath, the sold out, outdoor area was now almost full and people began shouting “Oath” as soon as the banner appeared.

As the lights went down, the crowd light right up.  Underoath is one of those monumental bands that helped create a whole new genre for their time and shaped many artists sound today.  It’s because of that and the foundation they made in this industry is what gave me goosebumps watching them come out on stage and start in with ‘Everyone Looks So Good From Here’ off their 2006 album “Define The Great Line.”  Perfect beginning to a memorable set for the Florida band, traveling through Los Angeles.  With zero pause between songs, everyone immediately knew what was to follow as soon as they heard the mechanical film reel sound over the speakers.  Playing it as well as they did years ago upon its original release, ‘In Regards To Myself’ is what keeps the fans heart rates up and excitement levels rising.

With a favorite like ‘It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,’ crowd participation was the loudest I’ve ever heard at any show to date.  It’s die hard fans like the ones I could hear screaming every lyric is what brought Underoath back.  Before starting into my favorite of the night, ‘A Boy Brushed Red… Living In Black And White,’ Spencer took a second to look around and say “There is a lot of humans out there,” all with a big smile of appreciation.  Coming closer to the end of their set, Aaron showed he still has it with ‘Breathing In A New Mentality.’

The remainder of their set was exactly what was expected of Underoath given their high reputation.  With a very illuminated stage production, ability to play harder live now than in their recordings from years back, and a stage liveliness that makes you smile from ear to ear, Underoath will have no problems keeping everyone coming back for more, should they choose to keep it going again.  

Forever Underoath.


1. Everyone Looks So Good From Here

2.  In Regards To Myself

3.  It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

4.  A Moment Suspended In Time

5.  A Boy Brushed Red… Living In Black And White

6.  Breathing In A New Mentality

7.  Emergency Broadcast:  The End Is Near

8.  Illuminator

9.  The Could Be Nothing After This

10.  Reinventing Your Exit

11.  Writing On The Walls

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CONCERT REVIEW: Lorna Shore - The Glass House Pomona, CA (04/02/17)


Traveling far from home, New Jersey heavy metal band Lorna Shore played their final night of a two month long tour in Pomona at The Glass House on April 2nd.  This tour began February 1st in Las Vegas, NV with Carnifex and Rings of Saturn as well as support on select dates from Despised Icon, She Must Burn, and Fallujah.  Ending out with a bang, this sold out night was filled with walls of death, circle pits, heavy breakdowns, and dark, deep screams.

Opening up the night, Lorna Shore came out as scheduled to a room already over 75% filled.  Starting with a straight heavy hit, ‘God Maker,’ was the best selection to create the perfect amount of energy for the fans and to get them more rowdy for ‘Denounce The Light’ which followed immediately after.  Onto an older track, the quartet asked for the obligatory wall of death during ‘Grimoire.’  

Continuing with full circle pits and head banging, the energy in the room only intensified with each breakdown.  Before finishing off their set, vocalist Tom Barber took a quick minute to say a few words in thanks for the rest of the bands on that current tour package.  Speaking on a genuine note, Barber stated “This is the last day of the tour, its been like sixty-something days.  I’ve gotten to hang out with probably some of the coolest people and bands I grew up listening to.  So this last song is dedicated to the tour package for being so fucking cool. They’re the coolest guys ever.”  And with that my favorite track, ‘Fvneral Moon,’ off the new album was the wrap up to their set, despite fans yelling for “one more song.”

Lorna Shore lived up to their reputation on this tour.  Being known as a band that puts a lot of work into their music on recordings, but they do the same on stage as well.  I would not have looked at this band during this set and thought this was the last night after two months on the road, playing in total 54 shows (Roughly 23 hours in total stage time).  They were just as heavy, entertaining and in sync as if it were day one.  Check out our quick recap video below.


1.  God Maker

2.  Denounce The Light

3.  Grimoire

4.  Flesh Coffin

5.  Fvneral Moon


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