ALBUM REVIEW: While She Sleeps - 'You Are We'


Hailing from the UK, While She Sleeps have certainly made a name for themselves this year.  Not just for the album itself but also for the process of creating “You Are We.”  The band wanted to ensure this album sent out the message of who they are in terms of recording and funding.  The band self funded this album with help from their fans through a PledgeMusic campaign.  In addition to that, the 5-piece converted an empty warehouse studio into a multi-purpose studio. “There’s always been a very DIY aspect to this band,”explains vocalist Lawrence ‘Loz’ Taylor, “so going it alone a bit more now just reiterates that to everyone.”  With this dedication, a true genre dominating album was constructed.

Right of the bat you are greeted with a very clean intro that made me take a double look at who I was listening to.  I thought my player had accidentally started playing From Autumn To Ashes, but its that similar and that attention grabbing as FATA music can be.  Paired with crispy screams and fast drum pedals, songs such as ‘You Are We’ and ‘Feel’ cruise through from beginning to end with an enduring pace.  But not all tracks have this same feel.  It’s with songs such as ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Settle Down Society’ that give a clean blend of up tempo with parts including slowed down drums and bass riffs that make these tracks good candidates for radio play as well as a good match to multiple genre tour packages. 

With several play throughs I came to notice that group chorus lines are a few too many.  It’s understandable for bands to have multiple group chorus’ tracks for the fact of when these songs will be performed live, it gives the band a better chance for more crowd participation but on an album and back to back may cause the listener to want to skip over to the next track due to the song sounding similar to the one before. With the ability lead guitarist Sean Long has on this album, some repetitive gang vocals could have been replaced with more pedal effects from Long as he has that aptitude to keep listeners attention.  One vast improvement from While She Sleep’s EP “The North Stands For Nothing” is the increase in sound from drummer Adam Savage.  ‘Revolt’ proves this entirely.  Harder bass pedals in team with crunchy bass riffs from Aaran McKenzie send your mind directly to where the bands own mindset was when putting this jam packed album together.  

It’s the stable yet scratchy vocals, immaculate guitar sounds, and profound bass leads combined with proficient drums, “You Are We” is going to be making top lists for the year 2017.  The band made a wise move by selecting “Silence Speaks” featuring Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon as one of the preorder releases of this album.  It left fans asking for more of this progression from the band and eager to hear the rest. While She Sleeps have officially acquired the right sound for them.  With their debut EP, the metalcore influence was always there but it is with this full length that they have mastered their music and are now ready to show everyone this achievement.  

Check out their video below for "Silence Speaks" feat. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon:

Release Date:  April 21, 2017

Rating:  9/10

Track Listing:

  1. You Are We
  2. Steal The Sun
  3. Feel
  4. Empire of Silence
  5. Wide Awake
  6. Silence Speaks ft. Oli Sykes
  7. Settle Down Society
  8. Hurricane Declick
  9. Revolt
  10. Civil Isolation
  11. In Another Now

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