ALBUM REVIEW: Terror - "The Walls Will Fall"


Release Date:  April 28, 2017

Dread, shock, and intimidation are all words that can be used in replace of “terror.”  Makes perfect sense in reference to world famous hardcore band, Terror.  Since forming in 2002, the band has released 6 intense and legendary albums including their latest 2015 release ‘The 25th Hour’ via Victory Records.  Following a temporary absence from frontman Scott Vogel in 2016 due to neck surgery, Terror is back with a new EP titled ‘The Walls Will Fall;’ the band’s first release since signing to Pure Noise Records this past December.  

Being no strangers to heaviness, Terror opens up the 5 track EP with ‘Balance The Odds,’ a less than 2 minute masterpiece solid with gang vocals, thick bass riffs, and a breakdown that puts your mindset in the pit.  Offering up the most raw form of hardcore you can take, ‘Kill ‘em off’ and ‘No Love Lost’ showcase that Vogel is just as strong as ever with his vicious tone and enraged intentions.  Keeping true to their blend of hardcore, punk and thrash, ‘Step To You’ signs off the album with an energy that gives you reason to loop it around one more time because once just wasn’t enough.

Terror have clearly made their point across in those all-out nine minutes.  Although being considered a veteran band in the hardcore scene, they still have the strength and music to keep themselves prominent in a genre that is filled with tons of young blood thirsty to take over that reigning spot.  It’s been a long road for the guys but the bumps are behind them and they are back and just as solid as before.


Track List:

  1. Balance The Odds
  2. Kill ‘em Off
  3. The Walls Will Fall
  4. No Love Lost
  5. Step To You

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