ALBUM REVIEW: Kingdom Of Giants - 'All The Hell You've Got To Spare'


Release Date:  May 05, 2017

Debuting their sophomore label album on May 5th, metal band Kingdom of Giants have certainly boosted their capabilities with “All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare.”  ATHYGTP gives the listener hefty breakdowns, strong and solid vocals that are accompanied with profound bass leads; all of which are significant components to create a successful metal album.   The InVogue Records band have shown a vast maturation with this new album in not just their personal and intimate lyrics, but finding their true inner sound that makes them proud of this production as a whole.  It is these 11 songs that give Kingdom of Giants the well deserved spot out of the “Up and Coming” category and onto the same level as some of the big names in their genre such as In Hearts Wake and Wage War.  Throwing in a twist with a track mixed with a rap flow, ‘Lowlife’ was the only negative to the album with the luster it was lacking when rap and metal combine forces.  But one song doesn’t ruin an album and therefore the remaining 10 tracks are nothing but outstanding and impressionable such as ‘Runaway’ and ‘Lost Cause.’  

‘All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare’ is a superb return for Kingdom of Giants since their 2014 album ‘Ground Culture.’  This one is for you if you’re looking for an album that contains lyrics that keep you engaged from start to finish meanwhile administering sharp and vigorous instrumentals.   


Track List:

1.  Cash Out

2.  Lowlife

3.  Damaged Goods

4.  Bored To Death

5.  Runaway

6.  Shade

7.  Tunnel Vision (feat. JT Cavey)

8.  Lost Cause

9.  Motif

10.  Speakeasy

11.  Gray Area

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