ALBUM REVIEW: Imminence - "This Is Goodbye"


Band:  Imminence

Album:  "This Is Goodbye"

Release Date:  03/31/2017

Label:  Sharptone Records


Taking a leap into a different direction, Sweden band, Imminence, has moved on from the "post-hardcore" sound that got them their start and growing up and into who they really with a new alternative sound for their newest album "This Is Goodbye" via Sharptone Records.  For fans of Bring Me The Horizon and Too Close To Touch, Imminence created an album full of ambient verses accompanied by electrifying guitar riffs that are complimented by trippy pedal effects. 

From beginning to end, this is one of those albums that even from the first play, you feel like you already know the lyrics.  Additionally, the flow of the album seems to go as it should.  With this style of music, its hard to flow an album properly without each song sounding like the track previous to it, but this isn't the case in this track list.  Songs such as "Daggers" and "Desert Place" give the album a good middle pace to it that intrigues the listener to wonder what lies in the tracks to follow.  

Allowing some heavier vocals into these songs, but not like what we normally hear from vocalist Eddie Berg, he still shines through with a clean downscale tone to pair up with the heavier instrumentals in tracks such as "Coming Undone" and "Keep Me."  There was however a few tracks that have a little too much vocal fillers creating that "copy" and "paste" impression between two similar sounding songs.

With 11 tracks + 3 acoustic tracks, this 14 song album was a two year writing process for the band.  This time definitely shows to be worth it for "This Is Goodbye."  Each song details the bands "no fear of boundaries or limits, valiantly breaking new ground and taking the alternative scene to the next level" (Imminence, Facebook).  And I would have to say I do see this approach to their music and why they wanted to put it all out there for everyone to know who they are now.  

Check out their recent video below for the title track, "This Is Goodbye" and which would have to be me my favorite song off this album.



For fans of:  Bring Me The Horizon, Too Close To Touch, I The Mighty


  1. This Is Goodbye
  2. Diamonds
  3. Broken Love
  4. Coming Undone
  5. Up
  6. Daggers
  7. Cold As Stone
  8. Keep Me
  9. Not a Rescue
  10. Ivory Black
  11. Desert Place
  12. Diamonds (Acoustic)
  13. Keep Me (Acoustic)
  14. This Is Goodbye (Acoustic)


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